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Powerlifters tend not to obsess over their body fat the way some do in the fitness industry, and they certainly don’t have to be as lean as bodybuilders.  At the same time, spend enough hours in the gym and you can’t help but to appreciate the time and effort it takes to build a lean physique.  In addition, in any sport involving weight classes it will optimal to maximize lean mass as the added fat is likely doing little for performance.  A powerlifter might well have asked – I wonder how lean I am at some point in their lifting career.

Well, now that question can be easily answered.  Let me introduce the Henriques 6 Body Fat chart.  It is very simple.  Take your body fat on 6 easy to access sites using a standard caliper, add them up, and then look on the chart.  That is your body fat percentage.  Now you can track your body fat whenever you want to.  You can assess your progress in the privacy of your own home at the same time each day or week.  And because you are the one always measuring it, the methodology and thus the results will be consistent.  In other words, this will clearly show you if you are making progress or not.

For the full details on this formula and how to use it, including pictorial and video guidelines, go here:


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