Gorilla vs Grizzly: Who Wins?

Who would win: A Silverback Gorilla vs a Grizzly Bear

There are a lot of potentially awesome animal battles out there: Jaguar vs Anaconda; Man vs Wolf; Tiger vs Crocodile.  One battle that keeps popping up is a Grizzly vs a Silverback Gorilla, who wins? This topic was even recently featured on Joe Rogan’s Podcast.

                I am always amazed at how much debate this question gets because it is not even close.  I’d bet heavily that more than 9 times out of 10 the outcome would be the same.  But first let’s meet our contenders and settle on the rules.

BTW – no idea where the strength info comes from but it is ridiculously silly

                For most animal vs animal battles, assume an open grass field and assume both animals are healthy and have the full intent of killing another.  If it helps you can visualize they are contained in a large cage UFC style.  It is a cage small enough to prevent one animal from just running away but large enough so it doesn’t hinder the movements or fighting style of either animal.  No weapons or tools of any sort (logs, rocks, etc) are allowed.

                Size is a very important factor in fights and it is always a question of how big are the specimens we are talking about?  People generally go in one of two directions.  Either they pick biggest verifiable specimen on record or they go with the average animal size.  I personally tend to go with the former, but the good news is the biggest animal and the average size tend to stay in reasonable proportion to each other.

Here is a quick outline of the stats of each animal

Silverback Gorilla

                Height: 5’ average, 6’ largest

                Weight: 300-400 lbs average, 500 lbs largest (excluding captive obese gorillas)

                Main weapon: Bite and Strength

Grizzly Bear

                Height: 10’ tall

                Weight: 700-800 lbs average, 1500 lbs largest

                Main Weapon: Bite, Claws, and Strength

Note: Some readers want to discern between Grizzlies and the Kodiak bear.  There isn’t a massive difference between the two, the Kodiak bear is larger.  Some Kodiak bears have weighed over 2000 lbs.

                Gorillas and Grizzlies actually have very similar fighting styles.  They both tend to stand on their hind feet, engage face to face with their enemy, and attempt to maul them.  Gorillas will pound with their fists and bite. Grizzlies will swipe with their claws and bite. 

Gorilla fight: https://youtu.be/3T0z1CT-nR8

Grizzly fight: https://youtu.be/-6r81UOzIHg

                As I said earlier, I don’t think this is a close battle at all.  Looking at the size difference alone, a grizzly is often at least twice as heavy and can be three times as heavy as a gorilla.  That is a very large difference.  That is a 70 lb person fighting a 150-210 lb person, or a 150 lb person fighting a 300-450 lb person. 

                The gorilla has very little in the way of defense.  It doesn’t have extremely thick skin so the bear’s claws and bite will easily rip into the flesh.  Its bones are thick but not thick enough to withstand the onslaught of the bear.

                Many people talk about how strong gorillas are, and they are very strong – compared to humans.  Gorillas can snap down small trees and there is a video of one breaking glass in a zoo or dragging a person along easily.  I agree that gorillas are strong.  Exactly how strong is quite difficult to measure and strength is always task specific.  But they are not strong compared to grizzly bears.  Grizzly bears also routinely push over trees, roll over giant stones and move other heavy objects.  There are videos of them flipping heavy trash bins. One researcher noted a grizzly flipped over a 700 lb bin many times with ease.  Grizzlies have very thick hides, when a large Kodiak bear died it was noted that it had a layer of fat 7 inches thick. 

                The gorilla only has one attack on a grizzly: a bite.  Gorillas do have a fearsome bite and I have no doubt the bite would do some damage, but it would have to kill the grizzly almost immediately.  Punching a grizzly, even from a gorilla, would do minimal damage.  The neck is too thick to choke or snap.  With smaller adversaries a gorilla could pick them up, smash them around, and even rip off a limb with its strength.  I don’t see anyway it could do any of those things to a grizzly.

The grizzly could bite while it was getting bitten and it could swipe with its massive claws.  Look at the size of the claws, those are essentially daggers that could easily rend the flesh of the gorilla.  The gorilla would have a hard time reaching the neck of the grizzly, seeing how much shorter it is (6’ vs 9 or 10’).  And I believe a grizzly could easily push over the gorilla if they went chest to chest, given its much greater size. 

                Let’s use a few other examples that might highlight this outcome more clearly.

Who would win, a leopard vs a grizzly bear?  I think most people would agree that a grizzly destroys a leopard.  Leopards actually live with gorillas and regularly fight them.  They don’t always win, sometimes the leopard wins, sometimes the gorilla wins, sometimes they are found dead next to each other.  That is a relatively even match and a leopard is 150 lbs or so.  Most people agree that a Grizzly beats any big cat, and a tiger is far tougher than a leopard. 

Keep in mind a gorilla stands the height of a normal man

I asked hunters if they had a 9-mm pistol and a grizzly bear was charging them, would they feel confident they could kill it?  Most said no, the gun would damage but not kill the bear and it would just anger it.  Many said the gun would not even be able to penetrate the skull of the grizzly.  If a 9-mm can’t stop a bear, a punch from a gorilla won’t either. 

I think most people would agree if you had a 9-mm pistol and a gorilla was charging, you would have a much greater chance of killing the gorilla, again because it doesn’t have any significant defense.  It still may not be strong enough to stop a gorilla, but the general point is you need a much stronger gun to kill a grizzly than you do a gorilla.

When in doubt I always like to see if Dungeons and Dragons has already answered any of my questions – because yes D&D rules!  They have a reasonably accurate fighting system and a pretty good way of ranking various opponents.  Here are D&D’s stats on a gorilla and a brown bear (2nd Edition for you super-nerds out there)


                                HD: 4+1  (that is about 17 up to 33 hit points)

                                AC: 6 (how hard it is to hit)

                                THACO: 17 (how likely it is to hit, lower is better)

                                Damage: 1-3/1-3/1-6  (punch, punch, bite)

                Grizzly Bear

                                HD: 5+5 (that is 25 up to 45 hit points)

                                AC: 6 (how hard it is to hit)

                                THACO: 15 (how likely it is to hit, lower is better)

                                Damage: 1-6/1-6/1-8 plus a chance for a bear hug

                From the above example the grizzly bear is tougher, does noticeably more damage with each attack, can do a great deal of damage with certain attacks, and is more likely to hit their opponent.

                Here is a leopard just for giggles

                                HD: 3+2 (14 up to 26 hit points)

                                AC: 6

                                THACO: 17

                                Damage: 1-3/1-3/1-6 with a chance to use its rear claws for a special attack

                It is worth noting this is why it is a close battle between gorillas and leopards, just like in real life, since there is about a 50/50 chance either could win with these stats.

                Here is one more example.  My 7-year-old son, who’s favorite animal is a gorilla, saw I was writing this article.  He said “of course a gorilla will win,” at which point I had to inform him, regretfully, no.  To help him understand what the difference would be in real life, I used this analogy.

                My 7-year-old is 70 lbs (which is big for a 7 year old) and he is quite strong.  I am a 200 lb powerlifter, almost three times as heavy as he is.  I am about 6’ tall, he is 4 ½ feet tall.  And I get to be armed with Wolverine claws on each hand.  Who wins in a fight between the two of us?  When you look at it like that, you realize that the gorilla just doesn’t stand much of a chance.

                A gorilla vs a lioness, that is a good one.  A grizzly vs 100 unarmed people?  Another classic – read this for some giggles https://forums.t-nation.com/t/one-hundred-people-versus-a-bear/70258.  But a gorilla vs a grizzly?  Even if they each weighed the same, 500 lbs vs 500 lbs, my money is on the grizzly.  And if the grizzly is truly huge as we are assuming in this example?  It is not even close. 

When it is all said and done there is only one possible result.

You are going to have one dead gorilla.

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30 thoughts on “Gorilla vs Grizzly: Who Wins?

  1. Davis Lambert

    Love this, very detailed. I don’t think that the strength info is correct. There’s no way that a gorilla is 4x stronger than a grizzly. I think they would have similar strength. I don’t know for sure but still, well done!

    1. Kramer

      Also look anywhere on a Siberian tiger vs a grizzly, literally everyone gives it to the Siberian tiger. That’s not even a question of debate. And I know a Siberian tiger would totally take down a gorilla as well because I know that size and strength are not all that matters in a fight with animals.

      1. Tim Henriques

        Thanks for the post. I don’t agree that a tiger would beat a grizzly in a fight, and after a quick google search it seems most people think the grizzly would win (although it would be much closer than a gorrila vs a grizzly fight)



        Of the 2 actual tiger vs bear videos I found, the bear won both fights and one of them was a black bear beating a tiger and the bear was smaller than the tiger.

        I am not saying it is impossible to think of a tiger killing a grizzly, as at least is has the equipment to actually kill the bear (unlike a gorilla which would have a hard time killing an unconscious bear) but if they were to fight 10 times the bear would win almost all of those matches in my opinion.

        If you go to animalcomparison and see a tiger vs a bear, only 38% of the people think a tiger would win.

        I appreciate your passion on the topic.

        1. Kramer

          I like the videos but I would go with people that have more of a research background with animals than voting sites just because they are more backed by research than just simply by opinions but I did watch the videos and found them interesting and I do think they definitely make very valid points towards a grizzly winning as I can also see scenarios where a grizzly would win even though I lean towards the Siberian tiger. I appreciate the fun discussion though. It’s great to have differing opinions on something and still be able to discuss our viewpoints. Thanks for the fun discussion.

        2. Igor

          Siberian tigers have better fighting techniques than a grizzly, but grizzly is min. 2 times bigger than Siberian tiger, have a stronger bite (Siberian tiger 975psi, grizzly 1250psi, very big difference), and bear also have good fighting skill. In my opinion, there is about 70% for a grizzly to win tiger, and about 30% for the tiger to win.

  2. Kramer

    Although I totally understand your reasoning, there are some major flaws in it as well. First off you are comparing gorillas and grizzly’s fighting strategies to humans and that doesn’t work because both function significantly different than we do. With humans more often than not the bigger guy wins but chimpanzees are smaller than humans and yet if you are face to face with an angry chimp no matter how big or strong of a human you are…you’re toast, why, because no matter how ripped of a human you are a chimp is so much, and I mean so much stronger than you. The match would be significantly more evenly matched than you think between a bear and gorilla. First off, a gorilla is the strongest land animal (excluding insects) on the planet in relation to its size. With its capacity of lifting close to 10 times its body weight on some accounts which then range between 1800-4000 pounds. The grizzly bear is strong too but there is an enormous difference between 700 pounds and even 1800 pounds. Weight and size isn’t all that matters in this scenario. Speed does as well. And Although the grizzly is faster running, if we are putting them in a cage the gorilla is shown to be more agile and quicker in attacks than a grizzly because the grizzly has more weight to lift and with less muscle to do so than a gorilla. (Usain bolt can run fast but that doesn’t mean he also can punch the fastest, or the hardest for that matter) Therefore a gorilla can deliver attacks significantly quicker than a grizzly can. Now to take your human scenario between your son and the enormous human. If you want to compare it like humans, you have to give the humans inhuman like characteristics (which defies the whole purpose of comparing it to humans in the first place which is why you can’t) . So to put It the best way I can it would be something like a 7-8 foot 300 pound man with the ability to lift his weight in relation to his size and with knives in both of his hands vs a 4-5 foot 150 pound man that can punch And lift with over 1,500 pounds of force and with the agility greater than that of even the most professional of boxers due to a gorilla’s center of gravity being closer to the ground which makes them more difficult to knock off their feet and more agile. (The dude May be heavy and big but if they guy can lift weight over 4 times as much as you weigh and can do it twice as fast as you, your weight isn’t going to help you much) Also bone density is extremely related to muscle strength and considering the gorilla is significantly stronger than a grizzly (seriously it’s not a debate anymore, countless studies show that grizzlies are not even remotely as strong as gorillas no matter what your hunter friends say…end of discussion) a gorillas bone density easily can trump that of a grizzlies. Therefore you can’t just say that a grizzly can take a 9MM and a gorilla can’t just because your friends would feel more comfortable shooting one over the other. There’s no science in that. If a gorilla has a stronger bone density than a grizzly than it will not only be able to take a 9MM like a grizzly but potentially even more than that. Also the gorilla doesn’t need to puncture a bear’s skull to kill it so I don’t know why this is even an argument. Now for your leopard argument. First off, basically all accounts of leopards killing a gorilla were with young offspring or a female which are not even in the same category as a silverback (even full grown females are about half as strong as male gorillas, there is a big difference between 900 and 1800 pounds of force.) Leopards intentionally stay away from silverbacks because they know how strong they are and will not even attempt to attack offspring if they can see a silverback close by, look up any observation studies of leopards hunting gorillas and they will say this. And even if you were to encounter a scenario where a leopard somehow actually managed to take down a silverback you are once again ignoring a huge factor, agility. A leopard may be smaller but it is significantly quicker than a bear or gorilla. Agility is what makes the difference here along with claws, and the bear only has one of those against the gorilla. And even then they’re not evenly matched. A silverback definitely takes a leopard and all observation of them in the wild proves it. Leopards are afraid of silverback gorillas. Am I saying that a gorilla is going to for sure take down a grizzly, no but I think it is way more evenly matched than you think. I think it depends on whether or not the grizzly gets a chance to get a swipe in with their claws before the gorilla gets close enough to deliver fatal blows. We as humans don’t understand the concept of strength in relation to size because we are physically incapable of performing any feat like that so we compare everything in relation to how big we are. But that makes a big difference when the smaller guy isn’t just a little stronger than you, but literally up to 2-4x stronger than you. Gorillas are less aggressive but if both are going with the intent to kill I think either could pull it off. The bear definitely has an advantage of claws which could easily slice open a gorillas throat or anywhere on its body for that matter, significantly larger size, and canines with a serious bite force to go with it, but gorillas have the advantage of ridiculously greater strength (they literally have the strength to snap the grizzly’s jaw as they’re overall arm strength far exceeds the grizzlies bite force.), a greater bite force, and they are more agile and have a lower center of gravity. Bone density is definitely even, if not in slight favor of the gorilla because of its overall strength of bones needed to be able to exert the force it needs for its muscles and not break. I think it’s whoever gets the first blow. You’re son isn’t right in saying a gorilla would for sure win and neither are you in saying a grizzly would. Both are extremely different animals with extreme strengths on both ends. But do not compare it to humans fighting because there is no scenario where any normal humans exhibit at all their traits. Bears are freakishly bigger than the other and gorillas are freakishly stronger than the other. If we’re talking one trying to kill the other on their own instincts the grizzly will win because gorillas are inherently not aggressive creatures. But if both were intent on killing the other it would be a good fight but a short one depending on who delivers the first blow.

    1. Tim Henriques

      I don’t agree at all that a gorilla is stronger than a grizzly and a grizzly has much denser bones and much greater defense in thick fur and a major layer of padding. There is almost nothing a gorilla could do to hurt the grizzly, it could literally punch the grizzly in the head several times and nothing would happen to the bear. The first blow would be irrelevant, if these animals fought 100 times I don’t see the gorilla winning once.

      1. Kramer

        Once again you are using your idea of human fighting and think that size determines strength. That’s not how this works in all of nature, How can you not believe it?! We’ve known this for years and it’s been tested in labs and retested and observed both in the wild and shows that one clearly performs greater feats of strength with ease more than the other. When you say you don’t believe it, you have zero evidence to back your claim other than just because one “looks” stronger. Gorillas and Bear strength can be proven from number of muscle fibers to fiber types and every single sign shows the gorilla is stronger. When tested the gorilla could lift more than a bear. There is no scenario where the bear is stronger. Just know that when you say that, you have no evidence behind your claim because all evidence shows the opposite. Second there is a difference between taking a bullet to the head and a cannon to the face. A cannon ball moves much slower but on impact can deliver significantly more damage internally than a bullet. One punch to any body part on a bear at the strength at which a gorilla can deliver it will be detrimental and in most cases fatal. Fur and fat can definitely soften the blow but does not drop the impact significantly enough at all because a bear is not designed to take even 1800 pounds of force of impact. There is no scenario where it needs that just like how a gorilla is not designed to take impact from razor claws because other than a leopard (which once again only is recorded to attack young or small females) there is no scenario where they would need that kind of protection. Muscle takes impact better than fat in every scenario when muscle is flexed and strong enough and the bear is just not strong enough as literally every study shows their strength level is inferior to a gorilla’s. A 9MM to the face may not kill a bear but I’d like to see it take a cannon to the face or any body part for that matter and walk away from it. An impact to the head alone will cause the head to jerk one way at a great enough velocity to cause the brain to slam into the skull at such a rate that would render it unconscious and most likely kill the creature for shear brain damage. You can say that a bear will win because that is your opinion and that’s what makes debating this fun to do with others but please don’t go telling people that bears are stronger when everything ever studied, tested, and done in the wild shows both animals have a strength limit and a bears limit is significantly smaller than a gorillas. Your son is more right than you are giving him credit for. It’s a not a debate it’s a fact and it’s been proven and reproved and reproved again and again and again. Bears are not nor will they ever be even close to as strong as a gorillas and people who don’t study and take the time to look into the science behind it will never understand it because it is an impossible feat for human beings to ever attain in strength. So read about it. It’s honestly fascinating and will help you see how incredible nature is at creating different animals that are incredible at different things and that both have their strengths and both have their weaknesses.

        1. Tim Henriques

          I would love to see any evidence that makes you believe that gorillas are stronger than grizzlies.

          I would certainly say that a grizzly could knock over a bigger tree, move a heavier rock, throw around a heavier trash bin, and deliver a stronger crushing blow from his arms than a gorilla could.

          1. Kramer

            Easy just google it but if you didn’t want to do that here are some links. One a study done by a university on bear strength and another on gorillas strength. Then also a comparison of where they rank on strength levels.




            A bear not being aggressive is 2.5-4 times stronger than a person. A gorilla not being aggressive is 4-9 times stronger than a human. Both when aggressive increase that number more but the gorilla still has the bear by a long shot. You can also google studies about their muscle fibers and see a gorilla has more fast twitch than a bear, which is what constitutes strength whereas slow twitch is endurance. A gorilla has a higher percentage of fast twitch than a bear. Just google it or look up research articles. They’re everywhere. I have always originally thought a bear would for sure win but more and more research shows that the gorilla is a scientific anomaly with its strength. The only animals that have that same level of strength to its size are insects. That’s what makes the gorilla such a evolutionary wonder. It’s the only land mammal capable of lifting such outrageous amounts of weight relative to its size and deliver blows that far exceed its size. Don’t get me wrong bears are insanely strong too but they weren’t designed to rely on it completely like gorillas do. The gorilla is stronger in every sense of the word but that doesn’t meant that he’s going to win as a result it just makes it more evenly matched than we think.

          2. Kramer

            Just google bear strength, gorilla strength, there’s countless of studies that have been done. It literally is the easiest thing to do and find because your page is the only one that claims a bear is stronger than a gorilla. I can post some links to them if that helps but googling it brings up countless research and every single one supports the strength of a gorilla being stronger than a grizzly. Let me know and I’ll be happy to share some links though if you don’t want to google it.

          3. Kramer




            Here are some studies and research on bear and gorilla strength (I even picked the most positive bear research that gives them a positive edge and a gorilla article that shows their lower end of strength from some research.) and then one that shows the strongest animals in the animal kingdom and their strength levels.
            Bears strength without aggression is 2.5-4 times stronger than a human. Gorilla without aggression is 4-9 times stronger. Both get stronger when they get more aggressive but still the gorilla is significantly greater than the bear in strength. Also just look up research articles about their muscle fiber make up and count. Gorillas have more fast twitch muscle which constitutes more strength. Don’t get me wrong a bear is freakishly strong but a gorilla is an evolutionary wonder. No animal besides insects can lift weight so significantly greater than their own or delivering attacks at a force so much greater than their size. The gorilla is just simply made that way. The grizzly was not made to need freakish strength in relation to its size because it doesn’t need to spend time tearing trees down with their hands to get food or climb them while holding other trunks of trees by their feet. I definitely have in the past always felt a bear would win but as we learn more about both we realize that they are more evenly matched than we originally thought. And all research shows that the gorilla is stronger. Like I said just google and there are countless others like the one I just posted that support all other research done on their strength levels.

          4. Igor

            Grizzly bears way around 600 lbs. Gorillas only weight about 350 lbs. … Now, for those of you who would argue for the gorilla, gorilla’s truly aren’t that strong. They are stronger than a human, but a grizzly is still stronger.

      2. Seth

        Gorillas are not natural born/bread killers. We’re talking about an average 350 lb forrest dwelling, pack animal vs a solitary mountain dwelling 700 lb animal built specifically for killing. Momma gorillas do not teach their young how to go hunt large prey to survive. As mentioned above also, the gorilla has way less size, way less killer instinct, and less tools to fight with. To me, its kinda like comparing a 100 lb pit bull vs a 200 lb jaguar. The pit bull could be very dangerous but its one weapon and size are no match for 2x as much of a natural born killer with better (and more) weapons.

        1. Mitch

          People don’t seem to understand the Gorilla CANNOT inflict enough damage on a bear to kill it. Let’s just pretend in a world of fantasy the Gorilla was somehow strong enough to match strength with a bear literally twice his size, big whoop! IT DOESN”T HAVE THE WEAPONS TO KILL A BEAR. It doesn’t matter if I, as a person, am strong enough to fight a gorilla, if I shoot the gorilla it will die, because I have the best weapon. People that honestly think a gorilla, who barely, if EVER fights, can take on an animal who has been a killer since it’s existence, it just shows how much you truly lack knowledge in combat. Pair two people of equal size, strength, and fighting ability and make them fistfight, now give one of them a sword. . . the winner is, DING DING DING you guessed it! The one with the better weapon

          1. Grant

            A gorilla possesses sufficient manual dexterity and more than enough strength to break the limbs, jaw or even the skull of almost anything, including a grizzly, with its hands alone. That doesn’t make it an instant win by any means, but you’re incorrect in asserting that the gorilla has no viable weapons whatsoever (it is also not unknown for gorillas to use rocks as weapons, which would only augment its strength further). I mean, humans have survived grizzly attacks and killed them with knives, so I think its a bit silly to suggest that a fat layer makes a grizzly invincible against a ~1300psi bite force or herculean slam attacks to the skull.

            Also, yes, as the strongest terrestrial land animal pound-for-pound aside from a few beetles, the gorilla absolutely matches the strength of a bear twice its size and indeed exceeds it by a huge margin. A grizzly can lift approximately 0.8 times its body weight, whereas a gorilla can lift close to *ten* times its body weight. This doesn’t necessarily translate perfectly to a one-on-one deathmatch scenario, but this is more than enough to knock a bear unconscious or even shatter its skull with a few well-placed slams. This is assuming, of course, that the gorilla isn’t torn to shreds before it can get a decent position, and that the gorilla attacks the correct, less-protected areas first before getting slashed twenty times in three seconds.

            I’m not saying that the gorilla would have some sort of runaway victory here by any stretch, but I don’t think it’s fair to say that the gorilla doesn’t possess the weapons necessary to deal lethal damage just because it lacks claws and the bear is chonky.

    2. Jonathan

      “With humans more often than not the bigger guy wins but chimpanzees are smaller than humans and yet if you are face to face with an angry chimp no matter how big or strong of a human you are…you’re toast, why, because no matter how ripped of a human you are a chimp is so much, and I mean so much stronger than you.”

      This is actually false. Recently, it was discovered that chimpanzees are only somewhat stronger than humans (about 1.35 times stronger pound for pound) and that their strength had been greatly exaggerated. And since the average male chimpanzee ranges between 80 and 135 pounds, the chances that you’d be nearly as strong as the average chance is higher than you think. I myself weigh about 200 lbs., so not too many chimpanzees are going to much stronger than I am (200/1.35 = 148). Their strength isn’t what you have to worry about though. It’s their damn teeth. No human is going to be a match for their incredibly strong jaws. Hell, there’s a good chance you won’t have a face anymore if you try to fight a chimp.

  3. Kramer

    Montana State University conducted a study on grizzly strength and showed that their strength levels when not aggressive were around 2.5-4 times stronger than a human. Multiple research studies have been done on gorillas by universities and organizations and all find the strength level depending on size when not aggressive to be around 4-9 times the strength of a human. both increase strength with aggression but the bear still trails the gorilla by a large margin. I’m not saying bears aren’t strong. They are freakishly strong but they don’t have to rely completely on strength in their life. Gorillas tear down trees on the daily and climb ones or hand one handed while holding another tree trunk with their feet. They have the grip strength to crush the skull of an alligator just with grip strength alone. Bears are so strong but gorillas are an evolutionary wonder of strength. The only other animals that have as much strength in relation to their size are few insects. Literally no other land animal has such an enormous amount of strength for their size. I used to always think a grizzly would for sure win in a fight but the more that I look at the research the more I realize it is more evenly matched than we think.

    1. Grant

      A bite with 1300psi on the neck could break bones or sever an artery (a hunter was able to do this and kill the grizzly using just a knife), and the gorilla’s herculean strength is far more than enough to break the jaw, arm, or even crack the skull of a grizzly with the right timing and positioning. The gorilla’s ridiculous strength is important, as next to nothing could shrug off such severe head trauma for long, not even a bear.

      That said, the grizzly is still (as everyone knows) ridiculously formidable. But I think it’s a bit much to suggest that it would be invincible.

  4. Jason

    I will take the word of kramer and say that the gorilla is stronger. That’s fine. It’s more agile, arguably. Everything else (weapons, reach, defense, size, killer instinct, fighting experience, endurance) the grizzly has the advantage. The grizzly has to be the favorite. Also, intimidation has to play a factor. Just reach alone puts the gorilla at a HUGE disadvantage. I would love to think a gorilla could win but I would put my money on a grizzly. I have watched many videos of animals in the wild and grew up in a rural area and observed many different animals in the wild. A gorilla is an awesome animal and very formidable but this is a grizzly. It is a BORN killing machine. Look at it like this
    1) The bear attacks the gorilla. If he lands first, it’s over. If the gorilla successfully GETS OUT OF THE WAY, can he counter? How would he counter? He HAS to land a killing blow or he is most likely ripped up.
    2) The gorilla attacks first. He HAS to get past the claws and get off a killing blow before getting mauled or get out of reach.

    Either way the gorilla has to get off a 1 punch/bite kill WITHOUT getting hit by the bear. Maybe the gorilla could get behind the grizzly and get on its back. Those 2 scenarios that the gorilla wins. That makes the grizzly the favorite, TO ME, a 7-3 favorite at least. Prove me wrong .

    1. Max

      no the bear would win 9/10 and that one time the gorilla wins is if we put it in more favorable conditions thats like saying a 100 pound dog vs a 20 to 30 pound cat with full intent in killing each other and that the cat would win yeah the cat is more monvouerable but that doesnt matter the dog wins it is way bigger faster and just needs a couple well shot blow and the dog wins so no matter what the bear wins in almost all situations

  5. JD

    I agree with everything here besides the 9mm. Actually the 9mm or 10mm is possibly better than a .45 for a grizzly. The size of bullets is able to slice through the bears fat because its smaller surface area. A .45 while more powerful is so large that it slows down earlier.

  6. JLC

    Bad comparison, you can be 250lb power lifter and if put you in a cage with a 120lb male alpha chimp, let’s just say the bets would be about on which body part you lose first. Gorillas are not only pound for poind but overall way stronger than a bear, have superior biting force and are smarter. Gorillas can easily take a bears jaw or choke it in seconds, a 200kg-force exercion on a bears windpipe is more than enough to crush it, and not even mentioning that its reach is superior. My money is on the gorilla, your analysis has serious factual flaws.

    1. Tim Henriques

      I am sorry if you but you think a 500 lb gorilla is stronger than a 1500 lb grizzly then you are simly mistaken, there is no evidence or logic that would support that claim. I do agree that Gorillas are likely smarter but in a cage match that matters very little, as you said a human is smarter than a chimp but in a cage match the chimp wins unless the human was smart enough to bring something lethal in with them. And a gorilla’s reach is not superior, go back and look at the picture of the man standing next to the grizzly. The gorilla would be the same height as the man with slightly longer arms, it would have significant trouble simply reaching the grizzly’s head if the grizzly was standing upright (and that angle would lose all power). When you re-examine the situation with the actual facts it becomes clear the gorilla loses in almost every instance.

  7. Ola

    I dont know whats worse, the claim that the gorilla is stronger than a grizzly bear or the claim that a gorilla will defeat(!) a grizzly bear in a fight?!

    First, these fanboy gorilla strength sci-fi fantasies needs to be shut down once and for good. It doesnt exist even one single strength test for the gorilla thats measurable in any good way. Tests done with chimps shows them to have the strength equal of the average man

    A gorilla in the eyes of a bear is nothing more than a overgrown hairy human, equal defense less, nuff said!

  8. Zenith

    Yall saying the gorilla is better deserve a clown badge. XD Like how can a Gorilla one shot a bear? Id think both can one shot each other but can give very hard blows but again if this fight ever was to happen the Gorilla is gonna die and you guys know it. Not many things can fight a aggresive Bear and live to tell the tale unless you are 3x larger then it or have more of a deadly weapon: Hippos, Elephants, Rhinos.

  9. Jerry Jones

    No one has mentioned intellect yet. Should this be a factor in the fight? If the two animals were put together to fight other factors should be considered such as environment, intellect, hunger, sex, age, and maternal instincts. I think the outcome would be the grizzly would slash the gorilla up pretty bad leading to it bleeding out. The gorilla will probably inflict damage on the bear that will later lead to it’s death or disfigurement. It’s real fun to read the back and forth with this. I am a die hard for the gorilla. Before sharing “facts” about the characteristics of the animals consider checking your bias on the issue. Also can you imagine how screwed we would be if the duo paired up? A terrifying image of a gorilla riding a bear.

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