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Seminars are awesome.  It is always exciting to connect with some of the best minds in the field, meet new people, learn new ideas, and get rejuvenated about a topic you are passionate about.  But let’s be honest.  Often they are prohibitively expense, sometimes they are filled with BS info from crappy presenters, and the time and expense to travel to and from the seminar can be a real kick in the crotch.

My friend Martijn Koevoets at Powerlifting University has come up with a solution to all of these problems.  He is hosting a FREE, online powerlifting summit.  The idea behind this was simple.  Getting all the best powerlifting brains together in one room and one location on the same date was likely going to be impractical – all of these renowned coaches have busy lives and successful businesses to run.  To rectify that he has created an Online Powerlifting Summit so as long as you have internet access (and if you are reading this you do) you can access this awesome seminar.  He didn’t want the cost of travel or the cost of the seminar to hold you back, so his making it completely FREE, there is no cost to you to watch it live.  And you know that part where I said seminars sometimes have some BS info from poorly vetted presenters?  Check out this line up of powerlifting superstars and see what you think for yourself:


Boris Sheikois the head coach of the Russian powerlifting team from 1999 to 2005. His team was undefeated in international competition. His athletes won 7 European and world championships, and every athlete achieved nothing less than a bronze medal.

During his career he developed 9 IPF world champions and collected 40 gold medals. Boris Sheiko is the only person in Russia who is a Professor of Powerlifting: he published over 150 articles and 15 books on powerlifting.

Mike TuchschererFounder of Reactive Training Systems, Mike has set world records and won gold, silver & bronze medals in IPF World Championships.

Erle EngmarkErle is from the Norwegian school of powerlifting. World Champion in the deadlift, silver medalist overall at the IPF World Championships.

Bryce LewisFounder of The Strength Athlete, Bryce holds records in 2 different federations, and has a knack to make complex concepts simple.

Mike IsraetelMike is a professor of Exercise Science at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. He holds a PhD in Sport Physiology.

Greg NuckolsFounder of Strengtheory, his passion is synthesizing scientific research and in-the-trenches experience to stay at the forefront of the strength game, and to become the best coach possible.

Jordan SyattFounder of Syatt Fitness. 5x World Record Powerlifter. Featured in CNN, The Huffington Post, and holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Health & Behavior Science.

Chad Wesley SmithFounder of Juggernaut Training Systems. Current PRs of 440kg squat with wraps, 380kg squat in sleeves, 257.5kg bench press and 370kg deadlift, as well as 2 Top 10 totals of all-time.

Matt WenningMatt is an absolute expert on the conjugate system, holder of 3 world records and a 2665 lbs total. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Biomechanics and a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science.

Matt GaryPowerlifting & strength coach, SSPT co-founder, USA Powerlifting Coaching Chairman.  Matt has been competing for 20+ years and has coached at the highest levels in the USAPL and IPF.

Martijn KoevoetsFounder of Powerlifting University, Powerlifter, Author, Blogger, Online Coach & Extreme Metal Aficionado. Loves a good whiskey.

Owen Hubbard2015 European & World Junior Champion. Senior world record holder in the bench press.

Throw myself in the mix and you have a nice baker’s dozen of powerlifting experts that are going to present to you, again for FREE, during the Online Powerlifting Summit.

Here are the details:

This event starts Tuesday, March 1st at 12:30 EST – Mike Tuchscherer is kicking things off talking about how to break through plateaus.  On that Tuesday and then on the following three days – Wednesday, Thursday, and ending on Friday March 4th, there will be about 3 presentations each day.  Each presentation lasts for about an hour or so, they usually begin around 12 pm EST and the last one goes at about 4 pm EST.  Here is a quick list of some of the topics that will be covered:

  • Russian Style Programming for New Powerlifters
  • Programming for Size and Strength
  • Periodization made Simple
  • Tailoring your Diet for Max Performance
  • Can’t Miss Attempt Selection for Powerlifting
  • Using the Conjugate Method for Raw Powerlifting
  • And much more.

I am very excited to announce that I will be releasing new training charts for each of the 3 competitive lifts that will revolutionize the way you set up your programming.  I have been working on these for several years and can’t wait to get them out into the lifters’ hands.

All you have to do to get this info is simply go here and sign-up, again there is no fee for signing up or watching any or all of the lectures:

It is as easy as that.  Martijn tells me that these presentations will be live streamed to all devices so even if you aren’t in front of your PC you can still watch them on your phone/tablet/big screen TV/whatever.  Secondarily, I believe that by signing up you get 24-hour access to the presentations.  For example if you can’t make Chad Wesley Smith’s presentation on Wednesday at 12 pm EST, you still have 24 hours to log on and watch the info before it disappears forever into the digital abyss.  So sign up now and get your powerlifting game on.

To make it even more exciting, I will send a free, signed copy of my book All About Powerlifting* to the first person that sends me a picture of themselves – in their lifting singlet – watching my presentation (my presentation is scheduled for Thursday, March 3rd at 12 pm EST) – note I need visualize proof you are watching my presentation and not just sitting in your couch in your singlet although that is a great way to spend an afternoon.

*International Lifters – shipping is not included

So what are you waiting for?  Sign up for this puppy and bring in 4 days of powerlifting awesomeness!

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