Want a free shirt?

Jason showing off the  shirt in all it's glory

Jason our webmaster showing off the shirt in all it’s glory

As a lifter, one of my favorite parts about competing in a powerlifting competition was getting that new meet T-shirt.  Particularly if the meet went well or if I set a new PR, it was always fun adding a new T-shirt to the collection.  And when you saw other lifters in the gym and around town wearing one of those shirts, you knew they were brothers and sisters of the iron as well.  My wife teases me for still hanging up all of my T-shirts, and powerlifting related shirts seem to dominate a good portion of our closet.

In the last chapter of my book All About Powerlifting I made it no secret that I hope the book does well.  This would me help personally and I believe it would benefit the sport itself and those who partake in the sport.  I believe in this day and age with the abundance of social media, a grass roots movement can easily take place.  And I mentioned that as the book does well, I will give back to the powerlifting community in the form of sponsorships, prizes, and awards.

To that end I am asking for your help.  You have something I want – you have friends, family, and colleagues that like to workout.  I have something you want – an uber cool T-shirt.  So I propose a trade – here is how it will work:

  • Write a review for the book on Amazon (CLICK HERE)
  • This blog will be posted up on our facebook page, like the post and comment “reviewed” along with the username you used to post the review
  • Bonus Gift: For the next two weeks we’re giving away the bench ebook as a thank you to all of you, the code is available on our Facebook page it’s free to be shared with those who could benefit from the content in the book.


That’s it. We’ll be posting a winners list on the Facebook page post and requesting you to message us your shipping info and shirt size and we’ll mail you out your T-shirt.  Of course if you want to share this information through other social media outlets, that would be appreciated.

Anyone who buys the book in the next 2 weeks will receive ALL of the competition lifting booklets free with the purchase of the hardcopy, ebook, or combo (a $10 value).


To those of you who have already purchased the book, I want to thank you for your support, we are off to a great start in our first year.


In less than 5 minutes of your time you can get a sweet Mythos Publishing T-shirt, give a friend the gift of a bigger bench press, and help out the sport that you love.  It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Contest Eligibility and Limitations: 

  • Free shirt offer is only available to US shipping addresses
  • Free shirt offer is limited to the first 50 reviews combined with Facebook posts.
  • Winners will be selected and posted on Facebook in the original contest post
  • Winners will be required to Facebook message the All About Powerlifting page to provide shipping information.
  • Shirt Details: Shirt sizes available are: YS, YM, YL, S, M, L, XL, XXL (additional shirts may be purchased for $20/each).  Limit supplies available per size.  Y=youth (youth shirts do not have the logo on the back)


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3 thoughts on “Want a free shirt?

  1. Elizabeth Borkland

    I talk to you on Facebook when I first decided to do my first competition. I got the book on Amazon. It help me to get a better educational grasp on the field which in turn help me perform physically better. Plus, I won and set a bunch of federation records and get on the local news. So, I’m pleased.

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