What is a Winner?


Matt pulling 600

Matt Gary pulling 600

Today’s blog comes from Matt Gary, hopefully if you are familiar with powerlifting you know who Matt is.  If not this is a good time to get familiar with him.  Matt is married to Sioux-z Hartwig-Gary, multi time National Champion and Sioux-z is interviewed in the book.  Matt and Sioux-z own Supreme Sports Performance and Training (SSPT), an excellent gym in Rockville, MD that caters to powerlifters, Olympic Lifters, strongmen, and other serious fitness enthusiasts.  If you are within an hour or so you should make the trip out there to check it out and get a workout in.  You can find more info about his gym here: http://www.supremesportspt.com/ Matt has coached numerous powerlifters, often those competing at a high level, and he often partners with Mike Tuchscherer to put on various clinics about the strength sports.  He wrote this post about winning and I was impressed by it, found myself motivated from it, and I asked him if I could share his work here.  He graciously agreed.

Winners are wise. They understand that consistency and effort are part of the bedrock to gaining anything of value therefore they embrace and appreciate the journey.

Winners exude positivity. They even do so without their tongue and rarely complain. They don’t view adversity with dread but as a challenge or an opportunity to learn and triumph.

Winners believe in a rigid adherence to a process. They commit to frequent, high-quality practice and train themselves accordingly. A winner has figured out that technical mastery is a perpetual pursuit not a destination because even experts can learn and refine.

Winners are introspective. They comprehend that sage wisdom is gained through listening, analyzing, discernment, utilizing, and retooling rather than talking.

Winners do not rush. They’re patient and realize that consistent, incremental progress adds up to huge milestones. They plan ahead for the long-term but don’t lose sight of what’s right in front of them either.

Winners exhibit conviction. They’re uncompromising in their core values but flexible and willing to roll with the punches under pressure and on demand.

Winners execute. They appreciate the importance of a game plan and do their job regardless of the circumstances.

Winners often fail. But they don’t make excuses when they do. They don’t believe in chance because they’re in control. And because they’re in control, they have command of their skills and expect to perform well. That expectation automatically makes success an option.

Winners are supremely confident but not cocky. While their endeavors may carry great risk, they don’t hope to succeed. Winners believe they’ll succeed by remaining process-oriented rather than outcome-driven.

Winners fully grasp that the name on the front of the jersey is more important than what is on the back. Humility rules the winner’s roost, as praise is eventually bestowed anyway. When winners win they say little. When they lose they say less. When in doubt, they say nothing.

Start acting and thinking like a winner today.



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