About Tim


Tim Henriques is the Director of the National Personal Training Institute of VA/MD/DC.  Founded in 2001, NPTI is a 600 hour, 6-12 month long school for people who want to become personal trainers.  NPTI’s comprehensive curriculum covers anatomy, exercise physiology, nutrition, and exercise program design along with 200 hours of hands-on, in the gym practical experience.  Tim regularly lectures, presents, and writes articles on the topics of fitness, nutrition, and strength training.  He is authoring the textbook for NPTI which is due out in late 2014.

Tim has been competing in powerlifting for over 20 years.  He was a collegiate All American Powerlifter with the USAPL and he has set several Open Federation Records with 100% RAW and the AAU.  He currently coaches Team Force, his powerlifting team, which won the Open Federation Team Championships in 2011 and 2013.  In 2003 he deadlifted 700 lbs at 198, setting the VA State Record for the deadlift.  He has also competed in strongman and arm-wrestling competitions.  He is lifetime drug free.


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