The wait is over! The Store is now open



I am very excited to announce the online store is now open and the book is available for purchase! In the store you will find these options:

Hardcopy Book: All About Powerlifting $39.95 USD
eBook: All About Powerlifting $30.00 USD
Competition Lift Booklets: $10.00 USD for all of them or $4.00 USD for each one individually

This book is all about powerlifting which means it is all about lifting weights, getting stronger, and maximizing your performance both in and out of the gym. To whet your appetite, it contains:

  • 48 pages focused on squats, squats, and more squats
  • 30 pages all about the bench press
  • 62 pages covering everything you want to know about the deadlift (both conventional and sumo)
  • Detailed interviews with 6 of the strongest athletes of all time
  • 50 pages on nutrition including how to eat right for health, looks, performance, and how to make weight
  • Over 50 pages providing detailed information on what a competition is like, how to warm-up up for a max, and how to choose your weight
  • An extensive appendices including a FAQ, a list of recommended readings and powerlifting websites, lifter classification for each competitive lift, and a little something to make you chuckle at the end.

You work hard in the gym. You deserve to have this information at your fingertips so that you know you are performing the lifts correctly and you are properly prepped for a meet. Knowledge is power, both literally and figuratively in this case. You never know when that power is going to pay off. Even if you don’t plan on actually stepping on the platform, if you like to lift weights, you will love this book.



PS – Once you get the book we would love to hear your thoughts on it – you can send us a note at, a comment below or leave us a review on Amazon

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3 thoughts on “The wait is over! The Store is now open

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