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I always like the fall.  It is back to school time, summer is over, and most people focus on establishing new positive routines and polishing up those behaviors that are important to them.  I think it is important for serious lifters to do the same.  If lifting, if being strong, is important to you – you need to become a student of your craft.

To that end, with the help of my friends from Fitness University, I have put together the Powerlifting Video Bundle.  It entails 3 videos, each one is about 90 minutes long.  The topic of the videos?  Powerlifting, of course.  One video is on the Squat, one is on the Bench Press, and the final one is on the Deadlift.

The bench press.  Who doesn’t want a better bench press?  It is the single most common standard of strength.  If you want to be strong, you need a big bench.  And who better to teach the bench press than Josh Bryant.  At the age of 22, Josh was the youngest person in history to bench 600 lbs raw in a powerlifting competition.  And Josh isn’t just a genetically gifted meathead, he has a master’s degree in Exercise Science and he works with the ISSA as their Director of Strength and Power Development.  In this video Josh will explain how he trains the bench, how to break through sticking points and plateaus, what his favorite assistance exercises are, and much more.  It is 90 minutes of bench press awesomeness.

The deadlift.  What is more primal than ripping serious weight off the floor?  In the deadlift video, Jordan Syatt covers his tips, tricks, and techniques to close out the meet strong.  I think Jordan has a great way of communicating and he has some really cool ideas to share about pulling big.  And Jordan doesn’t just talk about lifting, he is one the few people that can say they have pulled FOUR times their bodyweight.  I have a pretty good deadlift but I never did that.  Listen to Jordan if you want to pull big.

The squat.  The squat is a seductive mistress.  Over program it and you’ll be hobbling around tweaked and banged up.  Under program it and you make no progress.  Is there anything worse than not moving forward?  In this in-depth video I share my training philosophy, specific techniques on how to squat, and what you should do to fix any weaknesses you express.  The squat is the foundation of strength.  If you want to be strong you must be squatting correctly.

Originally the retail price was $49.99 for EACH VIDEO.  Thanks to the hard work of my friends across the pond we are able to offer this exclusive Video Bundle to you now for only $39.95.  That is not just for one video, that is for all 3 videos!  And that is not all.  Once you purchase the Powerlifting Videos you will also receive:

  • The Powerlifting Competition Lifting eBooklets – All FIVE of them, visual guides to conquering each lift including the squat, bench press, conventional deadlift, sumo deadlift, and strict curl
  • All About Powerlifting Program Design Bible – we’ll send you a file that clearly delineates the training parameters necessary to build maximal power, strength, size, endurance, and fat loss. This short but concise packet is crammed with vital information that will transform your workouts and increase your gainz.
  • A Done for You Workout Program – you will be emailed a file in which all you’ll do is enter your squat, bench press, and deadlift weights and a workout program will be created for you based on the unique loading parameters outlined in the Henriques Strength Charts (also included for reference). Take the guess work out of lifting and follow a program you know will make you stronger.

The 5 Competition Lifting Booklets, the All About Powerlifting Program Design Bible, and the Done for You Workout Programs are all included FREE with the purchase of Powerlifting Video Bundle.


Don’t worry, if hardcopy DVD’s are too old school for you we also have a digital download option available.


Knowledge is power, and you never know when the payoff is coming.  Pick up the Powerlifting Video Bundle today and start setting PR’s tomorrow.






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4 thoughts on “Strength Experts Powerlifting Video Bundle

  1. TK

    I have the ebook already on kindle… I want to buy “The Digital Deal” can I get a discount code or something like that?

  2. Tim Henriques

    Hi TK,
    If you purchase the Powerlifting Digital Video series by itself ($28) I will send you the free stuff via email.
    I hope that helps,

  3. с

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