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The mission of this site is promote and support the upcoming new book by the same title – All About Powerlifting – which is due out in the Spring of 2014.  In addition the goal of the site is to promote and support the sport of powerlifting, which is the greatest sport there is.

Writing this book has been literally been a life’s work for me, and I am thrilled to see it finally coming together after many years of putting the pieces into place.  My hope is that powerlifters (current or those contemplating entering the sport), weekend warriors, athletes such as a football players and track and field athletes, CrossFitters, and those that just want to be the strongest in their gym will find this information to be very valuable.  Included in the book you’ll find the following information:

  • Learn how to master the competitive lifts
  • Detailed strategies and training programs to improve the powerlifts
  • The rules of competition
  • Extensive nutritional information to help you look and perform your best
  • Detailed interviews with some of the strongest men and women to ever walk the planet
  • Learn how to manipulate your weight for weigh-ins
  • Strategic plans for selecting the proper attempts in a competition
  • Learn how to properly warm-up in the gym and in a competition
  • Guidelines on how to perform your best on meet day
  • Learn how to use powerlifting to improve sporting performance for all sports
  • Extensive lifter classification system for each competitive lift for men and women

The goal of this book is to be one of a kind and comprehensive on all aspects of the sport.  In short I am attempting to combine Rippetoe’s excellent text Starting Strength and Arnold’s Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding into one work focused around powerlifting, the world’s strongest sport.  It is my hope that after reading the book you feel I was successful – and even if you don’t I have included detailed interviews with 6 World Class powerlifters and one prominent meet director so that you can see the sport through their eyes.  That information alone I feel is a valuable contribution.

Mark Rippetoe

Mark Rippetoe, always the voice of reason

All About Powerlifting will be available as both a hardcopy book and an Ebook.  Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so that you can be one of the first to have access this exclusive information – how excited will you be when your total is up 200 pounds in 2015?  Sign up now and you will receive access to a step by step, pictorial breakdown of an elite conventional deadlift as demonstrated by one of the nation’s best pullers.


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3 thoughts on “For the love of Strength

  1. Tim Henriques

    If you go to you can perform a search there for all types of meets (raw or not, tested or not) in the area you wish to travel in. In addition as was posted previously I know that 100% RAW has a strong presence in North Carolina as that is where Paul Bossi (one of the interviewees for the book) resides, he is the President of that federation. Good luck finding a meet that works for you

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