Books Make Great Gifts


People love learning about things they are interested in.  People love receiving presents.  As such, that means that books make great gifts, the only catch is the book has to be good and it has to be about a topic the reader is interested in.

Lifters and serious fitness enthusiasts are always in search of that next routine or that secret tip that will bring their performance up to the next level.  If you compete, you can’t afford to have your competition get an edge that you don’t have.  Knowledge is power.

All About Powerlifting is getting rave reviews – readers love it.  Here is some recent feedback:

“This is a very thorough well thought out book. Many plug and play programs for all levels. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in taking up powerlifting or taking your powerlifting to the next level. I am a training facility owner and head strength coach and I got plenty of takeaway from this book.”


“If you are looking to learn more about getting bigger and stronger, this book is for you”


“This book is great. Very useful – a must buy”


“Great investment!  Highly recommended!”


To check out our full list of Amazon reviews and our 5 star rating – go HERE.


“I want to talk about a book that I really cannot too strongly recommend.  And that book is All About Powerlifting by Tim Henriques.  Also the author of a physiology textbook, Tim is a competitive powerlifter who has written what I think is a truly must-have book on the topic (and it will have much information of value for folks with no interest in powerlifting)” –  Lyle McDonald

Read the full review here:

Truly the new bible of Powerlifting – Chris


“All About Powerlifting” is great for just about any lifter, but will take 5 years off the learning curve of a new powerlifter trying to figure the sport out. I could not recommend it more highly.” – Greg Nuckols —


All About Powerlifting sets the benchmark for learning everything and anything about the sport” – Tony Gentilcore —


This book took me ten years to write and cost 10’s of thousands of dollars to produce.  It is not a simple 40 page eBooklet, coming in at 486 pages and 4 lbs this compendium means serious business.  I have dedicated my life to learning about lifting and then sharing that knowledge with others.  The two groups I work most closely with are personal trainers and powerlifters.  In writing this book my goal was to distill down the knowledge I have gained over the last 2 decades as a coach, lifter, judge, and trainer to help other lifters out.  I want everyone who lifts weights to read this book.  To that end, and in the spirit of the Holidays, All About Powerlifting is having a HUGE sale!

When you buy a book, you want to get the hardcopy.  Research shows reading comprehension and retention is better when you actually hold that book in your hands.  But in today’s world you also want to peruse your favorite subject whenever you want.  You want it on your phone or your tablet.  And you want to take a look at the pictures in large format, zoom in, and highlight certain areas.  Now you can do all of that, all for one price.

Hardcopy book PLUS the eBook PLUS all 4 competition lifting booklets all for $39.99 – that is a giant savings of 50%

(click for the holiday bundle offer)


You get the hard copy, you get the eBook, and you get the lifting booklets – just for the price of the hardcopy book It is a sweet deal and it won’t last long.

And remember, books make great gifts.  If you already have All About Powerlifting but you have a buddy or training partner that might like it, this is the perfect holiday present for that gym rat (or gym bunny).  If you don’t have the book but you are hoping to get it, then just conveniently share this article with your parents, spouse, or friends and they’ll get the hint.  They’ll get you a gift you know you will like (instead of that awkward shirt that doesn’t fit right and isn’t your style anyway) and you’ll get stronger, it is a win-win.




Click HERE to get your HOLIDAY BUNDLE offer now.


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2 thoughts on “Books Make Great Gifts

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