5 Best Exercises for Biceps

Tim Henriques double bicep


I believe that proper exercise selection is very important to help one achieve their goals.  If you are going to be busting your butt in the gym you want to spend your time on something that will actually give you the results you are after.  To that end I have compiled the 5 best exercises for the muscle group you want to work.  But, it is important to know what specific goal you have.  Are you trying to get stronger, get bigger, or build muscular endurance?  To help you out I am going to list my top 5 exercises for biceps in each one of those categories.


Biceps Strength Biceps Size Biceps Endurance
EZ Bar Curl EZ Curl EZ Bar Curl
Power Curl DB Curl Suspension (TRX) Curl
DB Curl Cable Curl DB Curl
DB Hammer Curl Power Curl Band Curl
Strict Curl DB Hammer Curl Preacher Curl


Remember, there are important training guidelines to follow for each goal:

  • Strength: For most sets use a heavier weight, use lower reps (1-6), and take long rests in between each work set (2+ minutes). Be sure to incorporate progressive overload in your workouts.
  • Size: For most sets use a moderate weight, use medium reps (6-12), take shorter rests in between each work set (1-2 minutes), and use a high volume of training (8-20 tough sets for the target area). Be sure to eat enough to facilitate growth.
  • Endurance: For most sets use a lower weight, use higher reps (12+, often in the 20 range), and take shorter breaks particularly if training for multiple set endurance. Be sure to keep your cardio high enough and your bodyweight low enough to handle the demands of this style of training.

Note: There is more overlap on the smaller muscle groups in terms of exercise selection.  This is because a smaller muscle relies more on its size and less on the specific motor pattern to get the job done, so the training methods will be more similar.

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