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All About Powerlifting the Book


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The definitive book on Powerlifting, 486 pages dedicated to delivering everything you need to know about the sport and it’s practice as well as how to translate it to your athletic performance.

  • Learn how to master the competitive lifts
  • Detailed strategies and training programs to improve the powerlifts
  • The rules of competition
  • Extensive nutritional information to help you look and perform your best
  • Detailed interviews with some of the strongest men and women to ever walk the planet
  • Learn how to manipulate your weight for weigh-ins
  • Strategic plans for selecting the proper attempts in a competition
  • Learn how to properly warm-up in the gym and in a competition
  • Guidelines on how to perform your best on meet day
  • Learn how to use powerlifting to improve sporting performance for all sports
  • Extensive lifter classification system for each competitive lift for men and women


“All About Powerlifting sets the benchmark for learning everything and anything about the sport”
-Tony Gentilcore (Strength Coach, Writer)

“This is truly the new Bible of powerlifting “
– Chris Shugart (T-Nation Editor)

“This compendium is nearly 500 pages – it’s like an “Arnold’s Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding” but for powerlifting”
– Shelby Starnes (IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and elite prep coach)

“This book may go down in history as the most complete guide to the sport ever.” – Jack Niles (Powerlifter, Strongman and Coach)

“All About Powerlifting” is great for just about any lifter, but will take 5 years off the learning curve of a new powerlifter trying to figure the sport out. I could not recommend it more highly. And no, I’m not making a dime off this recommendation. I just think it’s that good.”
– Greg Nuckols (Strength Coach, Writer, Elite Powerlifter)

Strength Experts Powerlifting Series

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Get all three Videos

3 dvd set


The full Strength expert powerlifting series set

-Tim Henriques on the squat
-Josh Bryant on the bench press
-Jordan Syatt on the Deadlift
-Done for you workout program spreadsheet and instructions
-AAPL Program Design Bible
-The Henriques Strength Charts

DVD Set Physical Copy
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Tim Henriques on the squat

the squat cover


A to Z training secrets for performing a SAFE and EFFECTIVE squat…

How to TWEAK your squatting technique to your body and
muscle-building goals (not all squats are the same!)

How to warm-up and select properly squat variations and assistance
exercises to gain serious strength and muscle size (These steps are often
overlooked but they are absolutely CRITICAL to getting the most out of
your lifts and preventing injury!)

Single DVD Stream/Download
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Josh Bryant on the bench press

the bench cover


How to perform, and use the best exercises and “top-secret” training
methods that can add serious gains to your bench press in a matter of weeks…

How to turn your bench press training into a muscle-building frenzy—
designed to blast your strength gains into the stratosphere…

Advanced training: the finer details of bench pressing that make the REAL
difference between achieving ELITE-LEVEL results…

How to customize your bench routine to your body type and specific goals
so you make BIGGER GAINS from less time in the gym…

Single DVD Stream/Download
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Jordan Syatt on the deadlift

the deadlift cover


How to achieve that “sweet spot”—the perfect set-up in the
conventional and sumo-deadlift…

Every technical detail you need to know to take your lift to
the next level—and help you pull more weight than you ever have in
your life!

Warm-up and assistance exercises to dramatically improve your
pulling performance and keep you flexible and ready to blast through
the weight…

Single DVD Stream/Download
$12.95 Add to Cart

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